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Pricing & Packages...

Explore a range of packages below, alongside a comprehensive, 12-week transformative coaching program designed to help you fully embrace your true potential.


Through a genuine partnership, we will delve into your self-perception, addressing and overcoming the limiting beliefs that have confined you. This journey will illuminate your inner strength, allowing you to be more in every facet of your life and become the embodiment of your highest aspirations.


PCP Kinesiology


QuickTune Up

3 x Biofield Tuning Sessions

Sessions can be up to 60 minutes, conducted via Zoom

2 x PCP Kinesiology Balances

Distance sessions 

$599 USD

In Depth Tune Up

6 x Biofield Tuning Sessions

Sessions can be up to 60 minutes, conducted via Zoom

3 x PCP Kinesiology Balances

Distance sessions 

$999 USD

Full Coaching Package

12 Weeks - Coaching & Biofield Tuning

Plus removing programs no longer serving you, as well as attachment clearing. I also offer time outside of the coaching hour when needed anytime in the 12 weeks. This gives you 100% support. 

6 x PCP Kinesiology Balances

Distance sessions 

$2,555 USD

Are you ready to take control of your future and transform your life to unlock your full potential? 

What my client's are saying...


Jaime offered me some distance sessions to clear my energy fields and this got my interest because I ran into a very experienced Shaman who hinted that I had some horrific issues with my energy field 10 years ago. Although that observation, by a very experienced and advanced shaman was over a decade ago, I believed it was high time that I dove in and started learning about these invisible influences that affect my life.  I decided Jamie and I would work together once a week, for several weeks. Like anything else, change takes time but after about 5-6 weeks I noticed that my happiness level was increasing well beyond the baseline. My happiness factor was always a sticking point in my life. For this change, I was extremely grateful. Other changes are now coming in. I have much more energy and much greater business clarity. It's almost like a tap has been opened, where happiness and successful business ideas are pouring into me or through me. It's hard to describe because we're not taught anything about our energy fields, even though they're proven to exist by modern-day science. I feel stronger, more focused, happier, more loving, and more balanced. In the end, I like what is happening in my life now. It's always important to interact with advanced healers, in order to access knowledge, healing, and information that isn't always available in the mainstream. Thank you Jaime for helping me move ahead.


Jaime is an incredibly talented healer and was obvious the first time I met her, how deeply she cares about people.  Jaime combines the science of tuning technology with straight-up intuition and a knowing that I have always found to be scarily bang-on.  Jaime knows when I need her to be direct with me and it's always exactly what I need to hear at that moment. I come away from my sessions feeling immense clarity and calm, literally like the noise in and around me has stopped.  Clarity to me is everything and Biofield Tuning with Jaime has become an integral part of my self-care to make sure I keep my clarity at its optimum. My kids also love Jaime!  Through sessions with my kids, Jaime has made a massive difference in their way of being (they are much calmer and nicer to be around!) and for that, I can't thank Jaime enough. I honestly can't recommend Jaime highly enough, anyone who works with her is very lucky indeed.


I have suffered from chronic depression throughout my life and more recently anxiety which can be totally debilitating. Jaime was so supportive throughout my journey lending an ear when and an armful of outstanding advice something I desperately needed. Jaime has a big heart along with an infectious sense of humour which in a way is medicine in itself. I can absolutely say hand on heart that I couldn't have started my recovery without her. Take a step in the right direction and put your faith in this incredible woman.

How to get started...

I warmly invite you to book a Complimentary 20-minute Clarity Call.

This conversation is an opportunity for us to connect, allowing me to address any queries and offer tailored guidance that resonates with your unique path.


I'm here to ensure the process is transparent and comfortable with every step forward.


It would be my pleasure to connect with you and explore the potential for transformation that awaits.


I look forward to speaking with you!

Please note: Biofield tuners are unable to work with anyone who is pregnant, has cancer, or has a pacemaker fitted.

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