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Biofield Tuning

More about our method...

Soul Frequency Tuning is a comprehensive, whole-body holistic approach designed to harmonise your intrinsic energy.

At the core of this transformative method is Biofield Tuning, a process that delicately realigns your energetic & electrical balance through the resonant power of sound and precision of tuning forks.

“Do you know your soul is composed of harmony” - Leonardo Da Vinci

A vibrating tuning fork acts as a mirror - to give biofeedback to the body about its state. It plays the role of a metronome, helping your body discover its natural cadence, guiding you back to a place of balance and centeredness.

Much like a compass pointing to true north, the vibrations from the tuning fork attract your body's magnetic field towards a state of equilibrium where everything just feels 'right'.


When our mind, body, spirit, and biofield experience turbulence, it's as if our entire being is out of sync. By softly harmonising the electrical current, we increase the energy flow – think of it as turning up the brightness on a dim light, recharging our system, increasing voltage, and sparking the body’s own healing powers.

With the solid ground of Biofield Tuning laid, we take the plunge into the profound realms of PCP Kinesiology and muscle testing.

A synergistic blend of vibrational healing and physical balance that nurtures your body's natural ability to heal and rejuvenate. 

This isn't just another step; it's an exploration into the unseen labyrinth of your subconscious, where outdated programming and unnoticed patterns reside.

Think of PCP Kinesiology as the ultimate detective; uncovering the layers, and identifying the covert signals your body has been sending. Muscle testing serves as a direct line of communication with your subconscious mind, revealing the truths that have been masked until now. Together, they work to demystify the stories your body has been holding onto - the narratives that have inadvertently nudged your life's compass needle away from your true north.

It's more than just identifying the issues; it's about reprogramming and rewiring. Imagine these techniques as the key that unlocks chains of old habits, releasing you from what's been holding you back, allowing your true self to step forward.

But the transformation doesn't end there. To cement these shifts, the Wisdoms come into play – a collection of daily practices to embed this newfound equilibrium into the fabric of your daily life.

As you integrate these new habits, they become the heartbeat of your journey, ensuring the harmony and tuning you've achieved continue to resonate within you, enhancing every aspect of your existence.

In embracing Soul Frequency Tuning, you're choosing a path to a life more coherent, empowered, and attuned to your highest potential.

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